Lawn Pro® Retailers do more than just sell high quality Scott's Lawn Pro products. They connect with customers, build relationships with them, and welcome them back to their stores year after year.

Advertising Planner / Workbench
We've collected everything you need to promote your Scotts Lawn Pro business and put it all right here. We've not only included the Lawn Pro Ad Planner, but also ad planners for Ortho/RoundUp products, Miracle-Gro and Growing Media.

Direct Mail Enrollment
Now you can compete cost-effectively and professionally with the Scotts Lawn Pro Retail IMPACT Marketing Program. Through this powerful program, Scotts delivers personalized direct mail packages to qualified homeowners in your target areas. Enroll now!

Scotts Training Institute
As a Scotts Lawn Pro dealer, you are able to receive the full support and training available at the exclusive Scotts Training Institute (STI). STI is where Scotts Lawn Pro retail owners and employees can learn all about today's hottest-selling products and are shown how to turn that knowledge into sales.

To learn more about Scotts Training Institute, visit our web site at

Service Center
If you didn't find what you were looking for or need answers to your questions, visit our Service Center.

Advertising Planner

Direct Mail Enrollment

Training Center

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